25 years successfully, solution oriented problem solving, even in complex matters

For 25 years we are successfully involved in an advisory capacity of a huge number of associations, organisations, companies and media.

The team of the Milou Research & Communication recognises reliably menacing problem fields, or irregularities and supports you by the avoidance of awkward and tricky situations in European or worldwide production related affairs, trade or sales, in particular with chemical and agricultural products. This is also valid for matters, which concern inequalities at the market, whether by e. g. nepotism, or by special demands or hurdles, which were provided by official site.

Moreover, Milou Research & Communication answers your questions to the conversion of legal directives in the practise and finds solutions also in the most complicated matters.

Furthermore different investigations, as for example chemical analytics or product check belong to our offer, as well as questions to the quality assurance. The expert processing of the results is guaranteed by the scientific background, as well as the long-standing experience of the Milou Research & Communication.  

Clarification and problem solution are always central with all consultation inquiries.